Classic Barre Workout
Bent Elbow Lifts: targets front of shoulders elbows no higher then shoulders in the up & keep them in front of your ribs on the down. 3x10
Lat Pulls: start w/ elbow bent to 90, draw them behind your ribs and rotate weights out so the are behind your back. Try and touch your elbows 3x10
Diamond Thigh: works outer thigh, connect heels, feet turned out. Come to the balls of your feet, walk heels in, lower down. Tight seat/abs pulse 4min
Zipped Thigh: works inner thigh, walk feet/knees/thighs in, come to the balls of your feet. Squeeze you thighs/abs, soft seat. Sink down & pulse 4 min
Standing Seat: targets outer seat. Soft knees, squeeze/tuck seat & hips, tight abs. Take legs back and out on diagonal. Pulse each side 3-4min
1 Knee Push-Ups: works total body. Hands under shoulders, tilt tailbone and squeeze seat/abs. Straighten leg, lift chin, pull shoulder back/down 3x10
Reverse Push Ups: works triceps. Hands under shoulders, fingers face feet. Tuck seat, lift chest, pull shoulders down. Shift back. Bend elbows 3x10.
Plank w/ Kick Back: works total body. Elbows under shoulders, squeeze butt/abs. Keep hips in line with shoulders. Lift 1 knee to 90 pulse up 3x10/side
Straight Leg Switches: targets abs. Grip abs, push low back down, feet over hips, lift shoulders. Switch legs, using abs to stabilize. 3x10, each leg
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