Clay Math:Making & Naming Shapes & Forms K-2
What you'll need
A Hunk Of Clay
Sham Wow Towels
Shapes Printable
3D Forms Printable
Needle Tool Or Wooden Stylus
Start by practicing rolling a coil.
Divide the coil into equal pieces with a tool.
Take 1 piece at a time to practice making shapes. Try to make them look like the printable!
If the clay gets stiff or dry, spray it with water and let it take a rest. Come back to it again.
Next practice making 3D forms. Start with a sphere. Take care to make it look like a good one!
After practicing spheres, try changing a sphere to a cone. Take care to make it look really good!
Try making a sphere into a cylinder form.
Try making a sphere into a cube form. Or practice making a cuboid form! Can you name them correctly?
This one is a challenge! Try changing a cube into a square based pyramid!Take care to form it well.
Practice creating different forms and name them correctly. Try to make them look “math”perfect.
Have fun! It’s okay to make mistakes! The more you practice the better you get!
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