Coin Magic Series: The French Drop V1
Welcome to the Hat & Hare Academy. So glad you could join me, grab a coin & let’s learn some magic!
Use a half dollar or a quarter for this trick.
Hold your left hand palm up. Hold the coin between your thumb & first two fingers.
Your right hands middle finger contacts the coin & rotates it 180 degrees, turning it over.
Once the coin is rotated, your fingers cover the coin while your left thumb releases the coin.
Pretend to take the coin in your right hand. Drop your left hand to your side.
Follow the right hand with your eyes.
Make a crumbling motion, showing that the coin has VANISHED!
You did it, great job! Don’t forget to practice this until it becomes smooth & natural looking.
Thank you for joining me here at The Hat & Hare Academy. See you next week.
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