Colorful Cat Eye Look
With an eye pencil I’m sketching the shape first
Applying Natasha Denona’s Shadow Base to fill in the shape and prep the lid for the eyeshadow
Now with ABH Norvina Palette Vol. 2 I took shade A2 to inner corners
Not really following any shape or rule just applying color as I like, took shades B3 and D2
Just make sure when choosing the shades that they don’t look similar, here I used B2 and E3
Mid way decided to take another ABH Norvina Vol.1 so I can get more tones, using D3, A2 and D1
With a small flat brush I’m finishing the tail and took shades A5, E2, and A4
Now cleaning and perfecting the shape
That’s all! Hope you like it and thanks for watching!
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