Concrete Nightstand With Walnut Drawer
Make a concrete live edge walnut drawer nightstand
To make the perimeter of the nightstand: build a Lego mold and pour in Quikrete Countertop mix
Build the mold out of Legos and then glue it down to a laminate board
Mix the Quikrete in a large plastic mixing tray
Pour concrete into mold and push it in to all the corners and cracks with a stick. Let cure 20 hours
Design mold so that there are going to be two ledges for the drawer to rest on
Strip off the outer layers of bark with a hatchet. Then use hammer and chided to scrape off the rest
Cut the front face of the drawer with a circular saw. Use clamps and guides to make square cuts
To save as much of the walnut as possible, make inside of drawer out of pine with a plywood bottom
Sand pieces by hand and paint before assembling the drawer
If rough, sand walnut with 80 grip paper. Finish off with 220 and 400 grip paper
Finish the Walnut with a coat of Danish oil
Glue the bottom pieces of the drawer together first, and then screw on the sides.
Check the drawer fits before screwing in front face. Screw from the inside so no screwheads show
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What you'll need
RYOBI 18 Volt Cordless Drill
RYOBI 18 Volt Circular Saw
RYOBI Orbital Sander
Quikrete Ciuntertop Mix
1/2” Plywood
3/4” Pine Board
3/4” Melamine Board
Hardwood Board
LEGO Bricks
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