6 Considerations When Buying Houseplants
Check for pests! Examine the plant's leaves (top and underside), stem and soil for little bugs.
Also give give the plant a gentle shake to check for fungus gnats that could be living in the soil!
Check for disease! Don't assume that a plant grown in a nursery is disease free.
Look for leaf spot (brown spots with yellow halos), mold (fuzzy grey spots) and white mildew (white powder on leaves).
Soil: If soil is dry and cracked, the plant has been experiencing drought like conditions. A hardy plant will be okay but a delicate one might not be.
Roots: Roots emerging from a pot have been sitting in the air and could be dried out and dead. What is shown here is fine but a huge growth is bad.
Also check the roots for rot, especially is the soil is very wet. They could have been accidentally overwatered.
Toxicity. If you have pets or even small kids, research a plants toxicity if they are prone to messing with plants.
The light levels in your home. If you have north facing windows and buy a plant that needs full sun, you won't be able to provide the required light.
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