Constitution Flag Tumbler Tutorial🇺🇸
What you'll need
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Spray paint your tumbler red first. Then, make your blue star area. I like mine to have over spray.
Add your first layer of epoxy. Torch to pop bubbles. Let cure.
Add your stars. Start at the point and work upward. Cut off excess vinyl on the lip of the cup.
Add a white vinyl circle to the bottom of your cup.
Soak your sealed, white water slide. Use a squeegee or brush & remove water and bubbles. Blot dry. 
Take your printed image and trim & cut to desired size and shape.
Light & blow. Repeat.‼️Don’t set your house or yourself on fire.‼️
Use Mod Podge & attach your stripes. Rip, burn and fit in where needed. Fill bare spots w/ shreds.
When Mod Podge is dry, apply your epoxy. Torch bubbles and let cure. And you’re done!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun creating!🎨
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