Create A Clay Figure
What you'll need
A Hunk Of Clay
Needle Tool Or Wooden Stylus
Shammy Towel For Clean Up
Form the clay into a shape like the model. Use fingers to smooth and use stylus to remove extra clay
Start by pinching out a head.
Next, use a stylus or cutting tool to separate the arms and legs.
Use your fingers to smooth, stretch, and shape the clay.
Try pinching a bit of clay to create the feet. Then bend, shape and smooth to balance the figure.
Hands are more tricky! Be patient and take care to carve or separate the fingers. Cut gently.
The basic shape is done! What details can you create? Hair?Facial expression? Fashion? Posture?
Have fun making characters! The more you practice the better you get!
Clean up with a shammy towel. Clay can be used again and again if you keep it wet!
More Information about clay projects:
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