Create A Living Plant Wall
Pothos Plant
Small Wall Hooks
Large Or Extra Large Pot
Pothos plants are hardy climbing vines that are perfect to attach to your wall because they can survive in many environments.
You can attach them to the wall by using wall hooks, or by getting the plant's roots to suction to the wall, or a combination of the two.
First, you will want to place you pothos in a very large pot because you won't want to, or be able to move the plant when it attaches to the wall.
Since this plant wont be moving, make sure the it is in a good location to get bright indirect sunlight and make sure you can water it easily.
Once you place wall hooks, you can drape the pothos strands as you like.
If you dont want to place hooks, you can also wrap the strands around something as long as it is close to a wall.
The plant is a natural climber that can sense the wall and will eventually gravitate towards it.
If you don't touch or move the plant, aerial roots will eventually suction to the wall and the vine will begin to climb up the wall without help.
Just note, if you ever remove aerial roots, they will leave a small brown spot, 3 are shown here, but this can be removed by scrubbing with vinegar!
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