Create A Plaque With Clay Coils
What you'll need
A Hunk Of Clay
Shammy Towel For Clean Up
Paper or Paper plate
Cup With Water & Scoring Tools
Divide the clay into 4 equal parts. Roll in your hands to round it & make a thick coil.
Take a thick coil and divide into 2 or 3 smaller pieces. Roll each to the thickness of your finger.
Practice making different types of lines with the coils. Spiral, curved, zigzag, wavy, up & down...
Now, let’s make coils to create a plaque!Use paper or a paper plate (w release paper) to build on.
Try it on! See if you like it on the project. If it doesn’t work, take it off & try again.
Connect coils as you go. Scratch to attach! Scratch it, attach it, scratch to attach, scratch it!
Add texture and small details. Connect details by scratching and attach with a small tool & water.
Check your craftsmanship! Smooth any crumbs, recarve areas with a pencil.
Artists make mistakes, failure is success. The more you practice the better you get! Have fun!
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