Creating simple graphic Ring Yarn Art
Super Yarn Art for your wall! Let’s get started...
SUPPLIES - (8)colors of yarn, (8) 12” Embroidery hoops, sewing scissors, cream colored thread, hot glue, ruler/pencil
Start this project by removing the outside embroidery hoop and set aside. You will not need these.
Next, measure the halfway mark on your ring with a pencil.
On the inside of your ring, add a dab of hot glue and place the start of your yarn there. Allow to dry.
Add a dab of hot glue at your halfway pencil mark and wrap your yarn around the hoop to begin.
Continue wrapping your yarn around the ring, adding hot glue as needed.
You will notice as you get closer to the edge of the ring, you will need to use more hot glue to keep the yarn from slipping.
Continue wrapping the yarn and adding hot glue to keep everything in place until you’ve run out of space.
Check out all your wrapped rings together! So pretty.
Decide on your pattern layout and using cream sewing thread and hot glue, slowly attach all the rings together.
Hang and admire your new Yarn Art!
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