Creating Your Self Portraits
After you have completed your “Developing My Portrait” Worksheet, begin collecting materials you would like to use.
Carefully cutout your portrait removing any background that you do no want. It is okay to leave some background and other people in your image.
Select a piece of paper to use as your background. It can be a white or colored paper. You could even glue 2 together to have more space to create!
Decide what your background will look like.
For my example, I will be creating an abstract collage that includes magazine images as well as collaged objects/pictures that I create.
Begin cutting out and constructing your background. Do not glue anything yet !!
Play around the the cut outs like a puzzle. See where you might like to place everything. We aren’t gluing yet!
Let’s stop there for now! Make sure you put all the pieces away safely in your art kit for next time!
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