15 Creative Pizza Recipes
Calling all pizza lovers! Here are 15 recipes to help you take your pizzas to the next level.
Can’t get enough of whole wheat? Then try making this Simple Whole Wheat Focaccia Pizza!
This spicy pizza is made with kheema fry and topped with flavorful veggies! Try making this Kheema Pizza for dinner.
This Bacon, Date, & Arugula Pizza will make you crave sauceless pizza! It’s gluten free and covered in caramelized onions and dates.
Love pesto pasta? Then you’d love this Homemade Pesto Pizza Recipe!
This pizza is perfection layered with tomato and mozzarella. Follow this guide to learn how to make this Caprese Pizza!
Easily bored of ordinary cheese pizza? Then this Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza is for you!
The pineapple on pizza debate is infamous. We think if you love it, you should make it! Try making this Hawaiian Tortilla Pizza.
We’re big fans of creative pizza crusts! This pizza’s crust is made of cauliflower and is gluten free.
This Chili Cheese Corn Pizza is the perfect dinner! It’s made on naan and topped with corn, onions, etc.
No need to put this pizza in the oven! This gluten free pizza can be easily made on your stove top.
This Spicy Buffalo and Garlic Pizza is every meat lovers dream. It’s topped with bacon, ham, pepperoni, AND sausage.
This pizza recipe is taken to the next level with the addition of shredded zucchini! Follow this guide to learn how to make it.
You can’t go wrong with pizza for dinner, but what about for dessert? This Patriotic Dessert Pizza is bound to be a family favorite!
Get creative with your pizza by adding a honey drizzle and soppressata! This Spicy Honey Soppressata Pizza is delicious and easily made in a skillet.
Zucchini ribbons are both beautiful and tasty! Try making this Zucchini Ribbon Flatbread Pizza.
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