13 Creators Share Their Jumprope Filming Setups
Check out how 13 different Jumprope creators film their content!
DIY creator Mark from Slumbering Alligator
Mark uses a ring light with a phone holder and his tabletop to film his DIY projects
Fashion creator Nicolette from The Brightest Brunette
Nicolette has created a filming space next to a clothing rack to share outfit ideas
Food creator Lauren from Hugh Eats With You
Lauren used faux tile and marble surfaces to capture beautiful shots and created an overhead setup on her counter to film her process.
Home and garden creator Kay from A Plant Lady
Kay uses a simple phone stand tripod to create her plant tutorials on Jumprope
Beauty creator Jamie from Sunday’s with Jamie
Jamie props her phone up on top of a stack of boxes to easily create her beauty Jumpropes
DIY creator Blanca from Una Mexicana En USA
Blanca uses this overhead tripod and white backdrop to film her DIY projects next to a window allowing in natural light
DIY creator Dana from Create to Donate
Dana uses this wooden board balanced on stacks of boxes to get clean overhead shots with natural light and a tabletop tripod to capture sewing shots
Fashion creator Natasha Mortensen
Natasha films her Jumpropes using a small tabletop phone tripod placed on a stack of boxes
DIY creator Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling
Amy uses a phone tripod to film her DIY projects with a large poster board on the floor
Beauty creator Tabby Casto
Tabby creates her nail tutorials with this overhead ring light and tripod stand
DIY creator Joanne from The Painted Pen
Joanne uses this filming setup to create her watercolor and calligraphy pieces and this white wooden backdrop to take her cover photos
Food creator Jenna from The Urben Life
Jenna shares the backdrop that she uses to photograph her finished recipes
Beauty creator @jenmakesup creates all types of beauty content
She used a soft box light and Canon camera on a tripod to film her beauty content with a mirror nearby.
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