Crocheting Your First Row!
Start with your yarn and crochet hook
Create a chain (a bunch of loops)
Make as many loops as you need stitches PLUS 1. I want 5 stitches, so I am starting with 6 loops.
On the first row, SKIP the first loop (AKA thr first stitch), and make a single crochet in the second loop.
Do the remaining 4 stitches in the row by single crocheting in each loop across.
Now you need to turn your work around to crochet the next row. Make a chain (loop) before you turn your work around.
Don't crochet in to that turning chain (the loop we just made), but start crocheting in to the five original stitches.
Rinse and repeat! Each time you get to the 5th stitch, make a turning chain, turn the work
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