Cute Easter Cupcakes|Bunny Ear Cupcakes
Trim the cupcakes, add the first layer to the cake board with a small amount of frosting, then add the frosting in the middle.
Add the final coat of frosting and refrigerate for a few minutes. Repeat steps for the second cupcake.
Roll out some white fondant to an 1/8 inch thick. Wrap around the cupcake.
Trim the top of the fondant using a cake comb.
Cut out the bunny ears. Use the white for the largest part of the ear and the blue and pink with the smallest part of the ear.
Place the pair of pink and blue on the white, use water to attach. Dip four toothpicks in water and place under the blue and pink parts of the ear.
Use white fondant to create two handles. Add toothpicks to the end of each and let it sit to dry. Color some shredded coconut green and orange.
Place the handles on the cupcakes. Then add the shredded coconut and the bunny ears to the cupcakes.
Use a fine point edible pen to add the eyes, nose and whiskers to the green cupcake.
Add the eyes, whiskers and nose to the orange cupcake.
That's it cute Easter cupcakes.
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