3D Gnome Tumbler Tutorial Part 2
What you'll need
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Acrylic Paints
Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat
Artist Resin
Paint Brushes
Once your Poxy Sculpt is dry you can start painting. You can tint it with dispersion color while sculpting if you don’t want to paint it.
I go around the edges slowly with a flat brush. You can make the brim a different color or keep it all the same.
Make sure to get all the creases painted. Don’t worry about getting paint on the epoxy. It will clean up easily.
Paint the remaining parts of your gnome using any colors you want.
I like to mix several colors for the pom pom on the tip of the hat to give it more depth.
When coloring your nose be careful around the edge of the hat. You can come back with the hat color and touch up if needed.
Close up of the touch ups. Use a small flat brush for these areas.
To add any leopard spots I use a very small brush and dab them on. This is the same technique as my glitter leopard only with paint.
I immediately add the outer layer with the same brush just wiped clean.
Use an exacto knife or hot knife to even the Poxy Sculpt around the rim. It’s easier to do this before painting however I forgot.
Since I forgot to clean the rim before painting I needed to touch up my paint.
Let your paint dry, then clean up any excess on the epoxy layer using an exacto knife and lightly scrape it off.
To wipe the loose paint, wrap a baby wipe around the tip of the exacto knife and slide it under the creases.
Apply a thin layer of Quick Coat. Once that is dry add a THIN layer of resin. Let cure.
Add a final layer of resin and once cured you are ready to enjoy.
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