3D Gnome Tumbler Tutorial Part 1
Base paint and glitter your tumbler. Apply one layer of resin over your glitter to set it in place and have a smooth surface to add your gnome to.
Take two equal parts of Poxy Sculpt and work them together till completely mixed.
I start with the nose. Taking a small piece of the Poxy Sculpt and working it into a ball. Place on your tumbler and smooth it out with your finger.
Take another piece of your PS and roll into thin even (in width or close to) strips for the braids.
Continue until you have 6 strips.
Now start your braids. Squish the top together to hold the strips. I make these longer than what I need. Set aside
Repeat braiding with your other strips.
Apply your braids by gently pressing them down. Take the excess off at the top. Don’t worry about messing your braid, you remove above the glitter.
Repeat last step to apply your second braid.
Separate your ball again and roll out a medium size strip for the rim of the hat. Lay around the tumbler and press the ends together.
Remove the top of your braids and smooth the rim of the hat.
Smooth your rim and adjust any loose areas that will be created from trimming your braids.
Take the rest of your sculpting resin and flatten it out to fill in the top section of the hat. Pinch off the excess at the rim.
Continue flattening and placing the top of the hat. Smoothing as you go.
Once the top of the hat is covered go around and make sure it is even and no gaps next to the rim.
I use a mold to create the bows. Firmly press your PS in the mold and remove the excess. Set aside.
Using a toothpick I trim the ends of the braids and create the hair detail.
Here’s a close up of the hair detail. This will dry like this and give you lots of depth once painted.
Now for any hat details. You can use any object to create patterns or textures so get creative!
I’m adding a heart to the hat. Flatten a small piece and trim to the shape of a heart. You can shape up and smooth the edges with your toothpick.
Flatten the edges and smooth up any spots that need smoothing.
Smooth any areas by lightly pressing. Now we wait for our bows to cure. I set a timer for 3 hours. That way they are firm but still pliable.
Remove the bows from the mold (after around 3 hours) and place on the braids by gently pressing down.
To make the tip of the hat flatten a piece of PS and shape how you want it to fall. Once it’s smoothed out add your texture to match the rest.
Make the ball of the hat by rolling a small piece then gently press on the tip of the hat.
I’m use a tooth pick to give it a fluffy look. Gently poke the ball with the toothpick and that will create the fluff.
Take a baby wipe and clean up any smudges that may be on your tumbler. Let dry at least 4 hours then it’s ready to paint. Check out Part 2 to finish.
What you'll need
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Poxy sculpt
Silicone Mat
Silicone Mold
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