50 Days Of Crafts Day 50 T-shirt Yarn Cord
Wow 50 crafts in a row! I wasn’t sure I could do it but I did! Look over the last few weeks of posts to get some inspiration this Easter break
We’re going to use the T-shirt yarn we made a few days ago, my braid cog tool and scissors
Cut seven equal lengths of yarn and tie one end in a knot
Place the knot through the hole in the braid cog, and spread your yarns out into each knot. One notch should be empty.
Take the 3rd end from the empty notch & cross it over to the empty notch. Rpt until you have the desired length (Work with the 3rd thread each time).
When you are happy with the length of your cord, just knot the loose ends and trim
You can get my braid cog on my website www.tattymoo.com
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