Debunking Houseplant Myths
A lot of houseplant care guides exist on social media but certain tips can cause plants varying degrees of harm.
Myth: all houseplants need to be watered at least once a week.
Reality: Plants have individual needs, some need water every week but others only a few times a month. This is also affected by pot size and location.
Myth: adding rocks to the bottom of a pot helps drainage.
Reality: Water sinks to the lowest point of soil. Adding rocks makes roots have less space and brings the wet soil layer up higher.
Misting leaves improves humidity for the plant.
Reality: Misting only improves humidity for a couple minutes before the water droplets dissipate. But it can encourage mold in soil.
Mayo or milk is a good medium for shining leaves.
Reality: dairy will leave residue on leaves, clogging plants pores so they can't breath while also attracting bugs. Clean plants with a damp cloth.
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