Decoupage & Painting A Bed
Picked up a boring but nice wood headboard. Let’s make it over with Dixie Belle paint & Bubblegum Yum Paper!
Plan for this piece? Decoupage & paint!
Remove the old details with a screwdriver and hammer. This will give us a smooth base for the paper.
Let’s use some Mud to fill the area to smooth. Cover and wait until dry.
Clean the bed with White Lightning.
Sand back the area with mud to smooth. Mud comes in three colors. Since I’m painting over top color doesn’t matter. I used black.
I needed to cover the surface in Slick Stick. This is a primer for slick and shiny surfaces. It will help my paint adhere.
Apply one even coat. I use a chip brush. Wait 2-4 hours. Then apply the second coat. Wait 24 hours before painting.
Blend your colors as a base. Savannah Mist & Mint Julep.
This print is called “you’re a cow” by Bubblegum Yum artisan prints. It’s bright and cheerful! I marked the edges and planned the size.
Measure and cut the paper.
Copy the same size to the opposite side so I can plan the placement. A mirror image shape. I will use Wallpaper paste to apply the paper to the bed.
Make sure your surface is clean and dry. You can use your choice of decoupage medium to adhere the paper. Put your decoupage medium on the furniture
Place the paper on your furniture and smooth. I use a roller to remove any air bubbles and smooth. You can also use Clear Coat.
I sprayed with water to make the paste a bit less thick. Roller from middle out to smooth. Using paste allows me to move the paper carefully and fit.
So cute! Let dry and we will blend the paper edges. What a perfect size!
Open up all your colors! Majority of the blend is Mint Julep. I picked all the colors based on the colors in the print.
Blend the colors and use your Best Dang Brush to pull them together.
Accent with gold Gilding Wax.
A touch of Apricot Chameleon Wax applied to trim with my finger.
And a tiny bit of Cactus. This Chameleon wax has a glow and shine!
Such a vibrant and cheerful bed! Thanks to Bubblegum Yum and Dixie Belle Products!
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What you'll need
Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this Jumprope.
White Lightning
Chameleon Wax
Soft Pink
Wallpaper Paste
Mint Julep
Gilding wax
Haint Blue
Bubblegum Yum
Savannah Mist
Slick stick
Best Dang Brush
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