Dermaplane w Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth
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1 kit : Sonicsmooth device, pre treatment cleanser, post treatment cleanser and 8 weeks supply single use of safety edges (plus charging cradle & cable)
Sonicsmooth By Michael Todd Beauty
Start by cleansing face with Michael Todd Beauty’s degreasing prep cleanser - rinse and pat dry
Turn on your sonic smooth control handle - place your finger behind the blade for maximum control
Select a comfortable speed on the device - start low until you can feel out how the device works
Hold skin taught and dermaplane with gliding movements - I used it in the same direction of growth
Light feathery strokes are best - and at an angle of course. Look at all the peach fuzz! 🍑
I also dermaplaned my neck
Finish with Michael Todd Beauty’s after treatment gel to calm skin and rest overnight 💤