Designer Dollars: 2nd Grade lesson 1
Let’s see what we have in the supply kit! Take out the pencil and the pages with the $1, $5, and $10
Think about the different details on real money. How will you use your imagination to design your dollars?
We learned about some of the pictures and symbols on money. The branch is printed in the seal on the money.
Create a bank seal on your Designer Dollars. What could the seal for your bank look like? Could you use the same shape or make it different?
Find where the serial numbers are printed.
Use a pencil to write in your own serial numbers on your Designer Dollars.
Look at the different Designer Dollars, can you see they have signatures?
Practice signing your signature on the margins of your paper. Sign your signature on your Designer Dollars!
We talked about the people on our money. Who’s important to you? Add a drawing of someone important.
We learned about how there are 13 arrows, 13 leaves and 13 stars & stripes and 13 steps to represent the original 13 colonies.
And we learned about the meaning of the words and pictures on the seals.
How would you design a great seal? What bird and symbols will you add? Is there a number that is important to you?
Once all of the design details are added, use color to make the dollars unique!
Now everything looks good! It’s time to trim off the edges and separate the pieces.
Store all the dollars and materials back in the kit box until our next lesson!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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