Differences Between Dance And Freestyle Boots/Blades
The boots being compared are Edea Pianos vs Edea Flamenco Ice
The blades being compared are MK Torvill and Dean Dance vs Mk Gold Star
The first difference is the cut of the heel. The dance boot has a much lower cut to allow better point and ankle mobility.
Stiffness. Dance boots are usually less stiff than freestyle to allow more knee bend. Freestyle boots are stiffer to give support for jumps.
Curve of laces. It is not very noticeable but dance blades seem to have a smoother curve on the top of the boot, giving a nicer line when you extend.
Heel Length. Dance blades have shorter heels for the main purpose of being able to get closer to your partner without hitting blades.
Thinness. Dance blades tend to be thinner to allow faster turns and quicker changes between edges.
Toepicks. Here there is not much of a difference but freestyle blades usually have a bigger toepick for doing jumps rather than lots of footwork.
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