6 Directing Tips to Improve Your Photos with People
BE CANDID: Encourage them to avoid looking at the camera. It’ll make it feel less posed and more organic.
FACE AWAY: Having the subject look out at the scene welcomes the viewer of the photo to join in.
MOVEMENT: Most scenes tend to be static, so adding in a hair flip or twirl will make the image more dynamic.
GESTURES: The further away your subject is, the larger the gestures should be.
LOOK UP: Direct your subject to turn and look up past the camera. It elongates the neck, brings contour to the chin, and brightens up the eyes.
PROPS: Give them something to hold, even if it means holding a hat or a part of their clothing.
Thanks to @FlyingDawnMarie for modeling! Make sure to jump on over to her account 🤩
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