Disney Villain Inspired Outfits
Here are some outfits inspired by Disney villains!
To recreate Mother Gothel's signature look, mix red and purple colors in flowy silhouettes.
For Hades, wear an all black look by going for an edgy leather dress. Add pops of blue to simulate his hair!
A black dress with a fur coat is perfect for Cruella's look. Add red accessories to rock her bold outfit!
Layer a purple turtleneck under a black dress for Ursula's signature outfit and color scheme.
For a modern take on the Evil Queen, wear a black lace top and midi skirt and a purple bag.
Dr. Facilier wears an all black suit with hints of red and purple. Put on some chunky white boots to finish off his outfit!
What you'll need
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White Leather Bag
Black Blazer
Universal Thread Ankle Boots
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