Ditch The Cliche & Visit London’s Quirky Attractions! 🇬🇧
Emirates Air Line: a cable car link across River Thames. It may be a unique way for visitors to see London, but an interesting commute for Londoners.
God’s Own Junkyard:London’s psychedelic shop is a treasure trove for those fascinated by neon signs. It also has a hip cafe called The Rolling Scones.
Crossness Pumping Station: aside from being a triumph of Victorian engineering, the site is an ornate marvel, with working pumps & wrought-iron decor.
Twinings Café: a 300-year old cafe with lovely tea & cake!It was one of the first merchants to tea to the UK, & has been a royal favourite since 1837.
London’s Roman Amphitheatre: it was a venue for wild animal fights, public executions & gladiatorial combats.Now it’s a museum under Central London!
Clink Prison Museum: just off the South Bank,it has a history of locking people up from the 12th to the 18th century.Today,it’s an interactive museum.
Climb aboard the Elizabeth Tower: endearingly known as the Big Ben, UK residents can write to their local MPs for a trip up the clock tower!
The Attendant: last but not the least, is any visit to London complete with coffee? But coffee in a Victorian toilet-café? Not as gross as it sounds!
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