DIY Bias Tape Hair Bows For Babies
Gather 1/2" wide double fold bias tape, nylon headbands, and other supplies as noted for each style.
Easy bow: cut 5" of bias tape and tie into a knot around a nylon headband.
Classic bow: Form two loops with 12" bias tape. Insert a nylon headband and tie into a bow.
Petite bow: Use 7" of 1/4" wide double fold bias tape. Tie a classic bow around a nylon headband.
Sailor bow: Cut 7.5" bias tape, form into a loop, crossing the tails over.
Sailor bow: use 12" strong thread to tie around the middle. Secure several times. Knot and trim.
Sailor bow: wrap 3" of bias tape around the bow. Fold edges under. Secure with hot glue.
Embroidered bow: use 2 strands embroidery floss. Stitch "x" shapes on 12" of tape. Tie classic bow.
Beaded bow: use size 12 beading needle & size 11 seed beads to sew beads randomly on 12" bias tape.
Beaded bow: Tie classic bow.
Lace bow: cut 12" of bias tape and a lightweight lace trim. Stitch trim onto bias tape.
Lace bow: cut 2.5" lace trim. Form sailor bow (see earlier) and carefully glue lace around middle.
Petite Bow (perfect for newborns!)
Beaded, Sailor, and Classic Bows
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