DIY Christmas-Inspired Hair Tie With Tulle
What you'll need
21 pieces
Tulle In Various Colors Cut To 4” X 6”
Ponytail holder
Gather materials: 1 ponytail holder & 21 pieces of 4” x 6” tulle. The mix of colors is up to you!
Determine your color pattern then lay your first piece of tulle flat in front of you.
Fold the piece of tulle in half & then fold in half again. It should now measure around 1 inch.
Bend the tulle around your index finger to form a backwards “C”.
Thread the ends of the tulle through the hole of the ponytail holder.
Wrap ends around elastic, push them through the hole, then pull ends to secure.
Repeat steps 2-6 for the remaining pieces.
After placing tulle around the whole circle, pull ends of each piece open to create fuller look.
The finished hair tie is ready to use!
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