DIY Concrete Coffee Maker
Make a concrete pourover coffee maker
Concrete will be poured into a Lego mold to make this coffee maker
There are many ways to make the mold. Make sure the concrete only touches Legos that are smooth
Construct the mold in big pieces, this makes it easier to disassemble
Mix the concrete. Then pour it down the mold. Push down with sticks. Let concrete cure for 20 hours
If the concrete is firm but isn’t fully cured so be gentle when you remove the Legos
Some Legos are stuck on pretty good. Use needle nose pliers to help remove them
Legos allow to make separate concrete pieces that still fit together
Sand the concrete pieces a bit to make sure they fit together and to make room for the concrete glue
Use Quikrete High Strength Anchoring Epoxy to glue all the pieces together
Here are two different versions you can make for the coffee maker. Both need a tempered glass funnel
To make coffe add a filter, ground coffee and use the pour over method to add hot water
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What you'll need
Lego Bricks
Glass Funnel
Quikrete Countertop Mix
Quikrete High Strength Anchoring Epoxy
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