DIY Copper Bike Basket
Make a copper bike basket
The basket is made out of 1/2” copper pipe cut with a tube cutter
Before glueing the pieces together, Do a dry fit assembly using T- fittings and elbow fittings
When you are ready, glue them together with a 2 part epoxy
Make the bottom of the basket with a piece of decking
Sand the wood pieces with the orbital sander and finish them with a coat of Danish oil
Place the boards in the basket and screw them together using scrap pieces of wood
The copper will oxidize over time. To start off nice and bright, clean it up with some steel wool
To connect the basket to the bike use 3/4” copper loops and nuts and bolts to secure it to the rack
Once secured, use 1/2” pipe loops to screw in the wood deck
This basket should hold 2 full- sized grocery bags
Your copper bike basket is ready to go!
What you'll need
1/2” Copper Pipe
1/2” Copper T-fitting + 90•Elbows
1/2” Copper Pipe Straps
Hardwood Decking
Steel Wool
Gorilla 2-part Epoxy
RYOBI Cordless Drill
RYOBI Angle Grinder
Rigid Tube Cutter
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