DIY Copper Coffee Table With a Marble Top
Mark all the lengths and cut them with a tube cutter
Once all the pieces are cut dry fit them to make sure that the design is what you want
Use Gorilla glue to adhere the pipe to the fittings
Dampen the end of the copper tube before attaching it to the “T”
The glue expands so, a little goes a long way. Use clamps as the glue dries to ensure a strong hold
To cut the tile, first make cut lines. Then use angle grinder to shear off the corners
Switch to a sanding pad to smooth out the rough edges
Use an orbital sander to clean up all the sides
Lastly, a little steel wool to spruce up the copper and give it a shine
Use Gorilla construction adhesive for a tough bond
You can’t see where it’s joined!
What you'll need
1/2” Copper Pipe
1/2” Copper T-fitting + 90•Elbows
Steel Wool
Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive
Marble Tiles
RYOBI Angle Grinder
RYOBI Orbital Sander
Rigid Tube Cutter
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