DIY Copper Herb Garden
Measure the inside diameter of the flower pot
Cut pieces of 1/2” copper pipe with a tube cutter to that length
Use these pieces in combination with T-fittings to make frames that hold the flower pots
Glue pieces together using Gorilla glue
Assemble series of trays that look like little ladders before cutting and placing vertical supports
Do field measurements to figure out height of top and bottom vertical supports
Use 1/2” copper pipe straps to secure the garden to the window sill
For taller plants, increase the height of vertical supports to give them more room
Water from the top plants drips into the plants below!
Place bottles at the bottom to collect the drips
Here is a smaller counter top version. For more details visit
What you'll need
1/2” Copper Pipe
1/2” T -Fitting +90 Degree Elbows
1/2” Copper Pipe Straps
Flower Pots
Gorilla 2-part Epoxy
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