DIY Cricut Maker Mini A-Frame House
We’re going to show you how to make a wooden A-Frame house with a Cricut Maker. (The SVG is on our site!)
Tape down basswood on each side with painters tape to a strong grip mat. This will make sure the wood doesn’t shift while cutting.
Load your Cricut Maker and watch it do it’s magic. It will take about 20 min for it to finish.
Carefully pull off the cut pieces from the mat. 1 front, 2 sides, 2 roof sides, 1 base.
Paint the pieces with acrylic paint.
Add a small amount of super glue to the back and glue to a piece of parchment paper.
Use a craft blade to cut the parchment paper around the house. Place a book on it for at least 15 min to flatten.
Glue on the sides.
Glue the house to the base and glue on the roof.
Fold a piece of white felt in half and cut out snow swoops. Glue it to the roof with craft glue and a paint brush.
Glue on embellishments- bottle brush tree, bottle brush wreath, miniature deer and tinsel.
Use them as ornaments or decorations!
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