DIY Felt Craft: Santa-Inspired Impostor Among Us
What you'll need
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8.5” x 11” piece
Black felt
8.5” x 11” piece
Hunter Green Felt
8.5” x 11”
Kelly Green Felt
5” x 5”
Gray Felt
5” x 5”
Light Blue Felt
Large Scissors Or Rotary Cutter & Mat
Small Scissors
7” x 7”piece
White Felt
Big handful
Sewing Clips
7” x 7”
Ref Felt
Among Us Applique Pattern
Download and cut out the crew member pattern. The finished body measures 10” H x 7.5” W.
If you want to have your crew member rocking a Santa hat, cut that out too.
You need black, gray, light blue & white felt for common pieces & your favorite colors for the impostors’s body parts. We’re going green w/a red hat.
Now let’s get this game started & cut the body background out of black felt. You may need to clean up the edges at times through the whole process.
Cut the main body out of the dark color felt (in my case hunter green). It helps to have sewing clips around to secure the pattern while you cut.
Cut the head out of the lighter color felt. I used kelly green as a contrast to the hunter green.
Now it’s time to help your crew member see clearly! Main eye = light blue felt. Lower eye = gray felt. Top eye = white felt.
And we can’t forget an appendage to complete tasks! Cut the main arm out of darker color felt & the shoulder out of the lighter color.
Accessorize your crew member with a Santa hat for the holidays. This is where felt scraps come in handy!
Bring the crew member to life by gluing all the pieces together. Do not glue the hat to the body. Save that for the final destination of the appliqué.
If you plan on using this on something that will be washed, it is best to sew all the pieces together after to gluing to secure them.
PRO TIP: Use a Silhouette or Cricut to cut out the pattern using a lightweight cereal box if you want the pattern to withstand a lot of use.
Looking for eco-friendly DIY holiday gift wrap options? Try upcycling colorful toilet paper packaging. It’s perfect for when supplies are low!
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