DIY Hanukkah T-Shirt
Let’s rock Hanukkah this year with our own DIY t-shirts! This project was inspired by Mod Podge’s No-Sew-Holiday-T-Shirt tutorial by Cathie Filian!
Cut out shapes for the menorah, candles, & flames.
Pick a cute cotton fabric for the menorah appliqué, & trace the shape on the back of it.
Choose a pop color cotton fabric, & trace your candle shapes on the back of it.
Use a yellow cotton fabric for the flames, & trace the shapes 2x on the back of it.
Cut out all of your appliqué shapes.
Wrap your t-shirt around a non-stick form & secure with tape. Mark the center of the shirt with a piece of tape for reference.
Lay your pieces on the shirt for placement reference. Mark with tape to use as a guide.
Bust out Mod Podge fabric formula, a paintbrush, & parchment or wax paper.
With a paintbrush, coat the back of your appliqué with the specially formulated Mod Podge.
Place the appliqué on your t-shirt & pat into place.
Repeat this process for the candles & flames.
It should look like this after all of the pieces are secured onto the shirt. Each candle has 2 flames Mod Podged on top of each other.
Use fabric markers to write words & add details.
Use puff paint to outline menorah, write words, & accent candles.
Let your shirt dry overnight.
Cut the neckline, & chop off the edges of your sleeves.
The raw edges will roll & kinda look punk rock. Slay that dreidel in your new shirt!
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