DIY Masking Tape Wall Art
Supplies: Watercolour paper, watercolour, masking tape, paintbrush, jar of water
Cut your paper to the size of the wall art you’d like to make. Here I cut it to 8” x 10”.
Start taping the paper into different sections.
Apply paint with 1) Wet-on-wet technique: start with applying water to the paper with a paint brush, then add drops of paint and watch them blend!
Or you can choose 2) Wet-on-dry technique where you apply the paint directly onto the paper and blend the colours with your paintbrush
Start filling each section with the colours of your choice! Choose colors that can blend well together.
After your painting is dry, remove the tape to reveal your final wall art!
Here is the final outcome! You can frame it as wall art for your home.
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