You need 2 sheets of paper and a bone folder. One sheet has to be 1/2" bigger than the other. Mine are 12x12 and 11.5x11.5".
Fold your paper in half, unfold and fold in half again in the opposite direction.
Now fold in half again but diagonally.
Bring each corner to the center. Each fold creates a triangle, then you'll have a square. Make sure to crease each fold.
Fold 2 sides to the center. Unfold and fold the remaining 2 sides.
Open 2 sides, then fold the other sides to the center of the paper.
Bring the corners together, fold the top down and crease.
Follow the same steps over again to make the lid. Be sure to crease each fold.
This is optional, use a little tape or glue to glue down the flaps.
This is also optional, but your box will look prettier if you cut some ribbon and tie a bow at the top.
And you are done! This box is 4.5x4.5x2"
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