DIY Reversible Fleece Neck Warmer
Materials: fleece, scissors, thread, pins and a piece of cardstock. Cardstock is a 13x9" rectangle.
Cut your fleece on fold using your paper as a guide. Paper measures 1/2 the circumference of your head + 1" or so for seam allowance.
Do the same with another fleece color. You'll get 2 long rectangles. Longest side is the stretchy part.
Easy way to know which one is the wrong side of fleece: pull stretchy side. Fabric curls a little. That's the wrong side.
Put the pieces of fabric on top of each other, right sides together and pin the hem.
Sew the hem together taking out the pins as you go. Do both sides. You'll have a long tube.
Pull one side through the middle of the tube until you reach the end. Make sure the right sides are now together. Pin the hem.
Sew the end, making sure to leave an opening about 3 inches wide.
Carefully pull the fabric inside out through the opening.
Handsew the opening shut with a ladder stitch.
And you're done. It's reversible so you can wear one way or the other.
And this is how it looks when you wear it 😊
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