DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costumes
Scuba Diver supplies - black clothing, fish, spray paint, electrical tape, scissors, cotton rope
craft foam, silver washi tape, Safety goggles, metal pail, (two) 2 Litter bottle, foam curlers
Add glitter stickers to a metal pail to hold your trick or treat candy.
Spray paint 2 Litter bottles, hot glue together and wrap with tape for decoration.
Hot Glue a piece of felt to the back of your bottles.
Adhere two cotton ropes to the felt to act as Air Tank straps. Glue the second piece of felt on top.
Cut flippers out of craft foam.
Weave foam curlers on a black ribbon to act as diving gear and equipment.
Use acrylic paint on edges of Safety Goggles and your outfit is set!
Who is ready to do a deep ocean dive?
Cute DIY Scuba Diver costumes to enjoy for years to come!
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