DIY Tray Made From Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks
I bought these Jenga blocks from dollar tree. I needed something to build my tray on, so I grabbed this old Hobby Lobby sign I wasn’t using.
You can use anything you have as your base. I bought 7 pkgs of blocks and used 4. I first laid them out to see what I needed.
I then took them outside to spray paint half of them to get the effect I was looking for
I used this spray paint to achieve the look I was after.
The flat ones are the bottom of the tray and the ones on edge are the sides.
I painted the face of the blocks that would lie flat and the sides and tops of the others for the perimeter.
The difference is subtle but so pretty.
I started to place my blocks for a dry fit, alternating the painted and raw wood. I was going to use wood glue but opted for my handy glue gun.
I started to pre-assemble rows to make the process go faster. I did Not use the wood glue.
I then started to glue the blocks in place. It will not be perfect as the blocks are not identical... but close.
I did small sections at a time. Building panels and gluing them down.
Looking good! Keep going until the surface you are using is covered.
Time for the sides. Here’s why you painted the side and tops of some blocks. Start gluing around the edge.
I also did a dry run with the side before I glued.
Alternate the painted and raw wood blocks around the perimeter of the tray.
I bought cheap silver handles from Lowe’s and sprayed them gold. I just hot glued them to the tray.
And voila! Is it perfect, no. Is it pretty, yes? Could you sand it and make it perfect. Again yes. But I love it imperfectly perfect.
Thank you to @thelatinanextdoor for the inspiration to try this DIY. You can find this and more on my Instagram @littlesteelehouse
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