DIY Wine Bar Made Out Of Copper Pipe & Marble
Cut the copper with tubing cutter
Apply glue into fittings. Use wet rag to moisten pipes a bit with water before sticking them in
Once glue fully dries, use knife to chip away excess foam
Wait for pieces to be fully glued together. Assemble side panels, rotate them and insert end pieces
To reduce gloss of tile sand it down with orbital sander and 150 grit paper
Just a few minutes of sanding gives it a nice matte finish
Use steel wool to polish the copper
Place copper on to the marble, add in a handful of pipe straps and then hot glue these to the marble
Add a liberal amount of construction adhesive right in between the copper and the marble
The hot glue is just to keep things from moving while the construction adhesive cures
Use this structure to hold wine glasses and bottles. You can certainly use it as a side table
What you'll need
1/2” Copper Pipe Type M
1/2” Copper T-fitting
1/2” Copper Pipe Straps
Gorilla Glue
Marble Tiles
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