DIY Yarn Christmas Trees - Cardboard Box Upcycle
We’re going to show you how to take those shipping boxes you don’t know what to do with and turn them into festive trees!
With a craft knife & ruler, cut out a triangle shape for a tree. Cut out a trunk if you’re feeling fancy.
On the back, mark out holes where the yarn will thread through. Tip: Plan Ahead! Map out the yarn pattern or design on a piece of paper first.
Use a nail to poke out the marked holes. Flip the tree over and push the nail all the way through.
Cut a long piece of yarn and tie a double knot at the end of it. Thread through a large needle to easily go through the holes.
Thread the needle through the holes and“embroider” the design.
When finished, tie off the yarn on the back side of the tree.
Add a snowy detail with white yarn.
Make a stand by hot gluing a scrap piece of cardboard to the back center of the tree.
Make these as big or small as you want! Change up the color of the yarn to match your decor! Cat approved. Meowy Christmas!
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