Double Berries Garri Muffins
What you'll need
4 muffins
Double Berries Garri Muffins
Add 1 cup Garri to bowl and mix with half cup water. After mixing, set Garri aside to rise.
Whisk 6tbs sugar and 3tbs butter or melt butter before adding.
Add eggs and continue to whisk
As you can see, Garri has double to more than two cups. (Garri is fermented cassava/yucca). Use 2 cp
Add Garri to blender or food processor. Blend and sieve to get fine flour.
Add blueberries and raspberry. And African nutmeg. Mix till all ingredients combines
You may add 4tbs liquid milk if you wish.
At this point I have the oven on preheat, 350 degrees. Bake for 20min or till golden brown.
OMG! smell sooo good..holly nutmeg and berries with Garri flavor 🤤. Let cool b4 takin out baking pan
Garri is fermented cassava grains a staple to many Africans. This is my new take on Garri, enjoy!
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