Double Chocolate Cookie Truffles
Place cookies in food processor and process until fine crumbs - or place them in a sealed plastic bag and crush with rolling pin
Add the softened cream cheese to cookie crumbs and pulse until combined - or place crumbs in a bowl and mix in the cream cheese
Spoon out 1-1.5 tbsp portions and roll into balls
Place onto sheet pan and place into freezer for 15-30 mins until set and firm
Melt chocolate and crush 2-3 more cookies for topping if using
If you want to tint the white chocolate a certain colour mix in 1-2 drops of natural food colouring - (optional)
I went for a subtle blush but you could add more for A more intense looking colour
Dip truffles into the chocolate,allow excess chocolate to run off them then place on sheet pan and sprinkle with cookie crumbs
Once it’s set you can drizzle on stripes of the opposite chocolate on each truffle if you like
They are irresistible and the perfect treat to share -Recipe is linked
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