Dried Fruit & Nut Sourdough Bread!
Have you ever wanted to make amazing sourdough bread? Something a little bit different than the rest? This Dried Fruit & Nut Bread is for you!
 Start by adding 200g of foamy (active) sourdough starter to 700g of warm spring water.
Next, in a separate bowl, mix 900g of unbleached bread flour and 100g of whole wheat flour. Add to the water & starter mixture.
Using your hands or a bench scraper, mix the liquids and the dry ingredients together to form a basic dough. 
Make sure to scrape the sides as you go, to incorporate all of the flour.
Let sit covered, for 30 minutes to rest. Then, add 20g of fine sea salt and 50g of warm spring water. Mix thoroughly with your hands.
Transfer your dough to a large mixing bowl. Cover & let sit for 30 minutes. While the dough rests, roughly chop your dried fruits.
128g of golden raisins 128g of mixed dried fruits (apricots, cherries, & dates). Add 96g of brewed strong black tea in a large bowl. Let rehydrate.
After 30 minutes, pour the fruits into a sieve and drain out the extra tea. Be sure to press the fruit to drain completely. Reserve.
Add the fruits, plus 128g of slivered almonds, to your dough. Working in 5 to 6 increments of 30 minutes each, we will fold the dough to add air.
Every 30 mins, take one side of the dough & fold over to the other. Do this 3 times per session. This allows the dough to rise. Keep covered & warm
Next, on a floured board dump your dough out. Use a bench scraper & equally portion into two loaves. Sprinkle flour on top & flip. Fold....
Right side to left, left to right, bottom to top, and top to bottom. Flip & gently round with your hands until a boule is formed. Cover & rest 20 min
Add a clean tea towel to 2 mixing bowls. Sprinkle generously with flour. Transfer the loaves to the bowls & cover. Let sit overnight in the fridge.
Preheat your oven to 450F, & heat your Dutch oven inside too. Once at temperature, invert the dough onto a cutting board with parchment. Score.
Add the bread to the heated pot & bake for 30 mins covered. Uncover & bake 20 mins. With the oven ajar, bake another 10 mins to harden the crust.
Carefully transfer the pot to a trivet. Retrieve the bread & let cool completely before eating! Enjoy with soft butter & jam or with goat cheese!
What you'll need
200 g
Sourdough starter
700 g +50 g
900 g
Unbleached bread flour
100 g
Whole Wheat Flour
20 g
Fine sea salt
128 g
Golden raisins
128 g
Mixed dried fruits
128 g
Slivered Almonds
96 g
Brewed Black Tea
All Purpose Flour
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