Dried Pampas Grass Wreath
Supplies - 9” Willow wreath, Pampas Grass, Hairspray, Hot Glue + Scissors
Start by cutting down Pampas grass stems to 3-4” in length.
Start to tuck the ends of a few strands into your wreath form. Add hot glue for extra strength.
Continue around wreath creating an elegant fan like pattern along the top.
Stop your grasses at about the halfway point of your wreath.
Using the Pampas grass stems you cut off, put them in descending size order.
Hot glue them to each other at a slight angle... following the shape of the wreath.
Once they are glued together, add them to your wreath.
Now take your wreath outdoors and give a heavy spray with inexpensive hairspray.
This helps the grass stay intact and not blow apart everytime someone walks by.
The final product is a gorgeous Abstract Dried Pampas Grass arrangement!
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