Easy Cherry Almond Strudel With Solo Foods
This recipe makes 2 strudels. Let’s also do an Apricot & Almond one. So easy!
Cream cheese, Solo Almond Filling, egg yolk. See products for a link or visit the baking aisle!
Roll out puff pastry to about 9x13. Brush off excess flour. Transfer to a sheet of parchment paper.
Cut diagonal slices on outer 1/3 edges. Add 1/2 of Solo Almond mixture & then Solo Cherry Filling.
Fold in strips alternating each side. Brush on egg wash to seal the pastry. Tuck the ends under.
Brush with egg wash to create a golden brown color. Sprinkle sliced almonds & turbinado sugar. Bake!
Next up is the Solo Apricot filling. It’s so good with the Almond mixture. Bake at 350f for 30 min.
While baking make the glaze. Powdered sugar, milk, almond extract. Can be made in advance.
Allow the Solo strudels to cool then drizzle with the almond glaze. Oh boy. Yum.
Get the recipe at A Food Lover’s Life & visit Solo in the baking aisle. Also linked in products page
What you'll need
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Solo Almond Cake & Pastry Filling
Solo Cherry Cake & Pastry Filling
Solo Apricot Cake & Pastry Filling
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