Easy Eyeliner Tutorial
You'll need a liquid liner, brown and black shadows and an eyebrow brush
Take your liquid liner and create a thin line on the outer section of your lid. This can be bumpy just try to get it thin.
Using a soft brown you want create your wing shape and line the inner section. Imagine elongating that lower lash line.
Then take a darker brown and just go over those same places again deapening them. Go over the liquid liner too and smooth out any bumps.
Now take a black shadow and do the same. I typically try to not cover all of the brown to give it a smokey effect
Take a mix of those three shades to the outer portion of your lower lash line. This helps connect your wing to your eye as if it was always there.
Then take any kind of natural tones and blend that under eye slightly.
To elongate your eye further take the black shade and create a V on the inner corner. Dab with your finger to fade it a little. This step is optional
& there you have a beautiful eyeliner that is super quick and easy.
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