Easy Halloween Craft: How To Make Yarn Ghosts
This is a super easy Halloween craft I loved making as a kid
Wrap white yarn around a notebook, piece of cardboard, or your hand
Big ghost: wrap 75-100 times around 7” long cardboard or notebook
Small ghost: wrap about 50 times around your hand
Trim end and carefully remove yarn
Tie one piece of yarn around the top of the loop. Use two surgical knots and one overhand knot
Here’s a detail of the second surgical knot and the overhand knot
Cut the end of the loop to make the bottom of the ghost
Tie a piece of yarn around the ghost near the top, two surgical knots + an overhand knot. Trim ends
Optional: use a piece of crumpled paper in the top to make a bigger head
Also optional: trim the bottom of the ghost to be even
Add eyes. As a kid we always tied colored yarn or ribbon for the eyes
Or you could hot glue black felt ovals
Add ghosts to a garland, hang by themselves, or add to other Halloween decor!
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